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How much does this cost?

We understand that your situation is difficult, otherwise, you would not have received a lawsuit from a debt collector.

The fact is, we have represented hundreds of people in your exact situation. There has either been a job loss, a divorce or a medical condition that has put you in a position where you are strapped for cash. We understand that completely and we are here to help.

We typically can charge a small flat fee to handle your debt collection defense lawsuit. The point of a flat fee is so that you can know, up front, exactly what your legal costs are going to be for any defense matter that we handle. The fee will depend upon several factors, including the debt collector, their attorney, the amount of your claim, the county in which the lawsuit was filed, and the court (Common Pleas vs. your local magistrate) in which the hearing will take place.

On the other hand, when we take on a claim against a debt collector, there typically is no up front fee. Most of the laws that we operate under, including the FDCPA and the FCRA, have fee shifting provisions in them wherein the other party is responsible for your attorney fees. The same holds true for defective vehicle claims that are filed under the Pennsylvania Lemon Law or the federal Magnuson Moss Warranty Act.

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Clay Morrow, Esq.

Clay handles the claims that are filed against debt collectors who make illegal threats or who place improper marks on your credit report.  Clay typically can make the debt collector pay your legal fees.

Greg Artim, Esq.

Greg defends consumers who have been sued by junk debt buyers, collection agencies or credit card companies. The odds of success in these cases are tilted strongly towards the consumer.

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