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About Clay Morrow, Esq.

Clayton S. Morrow, Esquire has recently been interviewed by KDKA consumer reporter Jon Delano regarding the Haiti disaster. Read the interview here.

Clayton S. Morrow, of Morrow & Artim, PC has a practice which focuses on consumer issues, including but not limited to individual and class actions, particularly in the areas of consumer protection, FDCPA and FCRA issues.  Clayton S. Morrow is one of the founding partners of the firm and is admitted to practice in all of Pennsylvania’s state courts, the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit, and the Untied States District Court for the Western Districts of Pennsylvania.

Clayton S. Morrow earned his undergraduate degree from the University of Pittsburgh in 1984 and his law degree from Ohio Northern University, where he graduated in 1987.Clayton has recently practiced exclusively plaintiff’s work and defense of consumer credit card collection cases. He has concentrated his practice representing consumers.He has brought both individual and consumer class actions on behalf of individual under the Fair Credit and Reporting Act, Fair Debt Collection Act, and the state Unfair Trade Practices Act.

Clayton S. Morrow is a member of the National Association of Consumer Advocates, www.naca.net, and has participated in its continuing legal education offerings in the field of consumer work, including but not limited to class actions.

Clayton S. Morrow have served as Lead or Co-Lead Counsel in the following representative class actions:

Aronson v. Green Mountain, filed at No. GD99-15426 (CCP, Allegheny County PA

Charles S. Morrow, Clayton S. Morrow, and David Manogue are lead counsel.After granting class certification on July 31, 2001, the Lower Court reversed itself on October 26, 2001. Appeal was taken to the Superior Court at No. 2020 WDA 2001 and denied.

Aronson, et al., v. Adelphia Communications Corporation, filed at No. 99-12602 (CCP, Delaware County PA

Charles S. Morrow and Clayton S. Morrow are co-lead counsel, along with Ann M. Caldwell and Fred Longer, in the class action filed for collection of excess late charges concerning a cable company.Preliminary Objections were sustained by the Lower Court. Appeal was taken to the Superior Court at No. 400 EDA 2002.  Adelphia Communications recently filed for bankruptcy and on June 27, 2002, and a Restraining Order was issued.

Chaturvedi, et al., v JTH Tax, Inc., filed at No. GD01-8851 (CCP, Allegheny County,PA

Charles S. Morrow, Clayton S. Morrow, and Ann M. Caldwell are lead counsel. Cohen & Malad, P.C., of Indianapolis Indiana, was appointed as co-lead counsel.On November 20, 2001, it was ordered that the recipient of a fax be notified of the class action by the Defendant. On January 17, 2002, the class action was settled and an Order approving settlement was entered by the Court.

Aronson v. UNO Restaurant Corporation, filed at No. GD00-8869 (CCP, Allegheny County, PA)

Charles S. Morrow, Clayton S. Morrow, and Ann M. Caldwell are lead counsel. On October 19, 2001, the Defendant's Preliminary Objections were dismissed. On December 10, 2001, the Plaintiff filed a Request for Production of Documents and Interrogatories Directed to the Defendant.  On June 6, 2002, it was ordered that the parties have one hundred twenty (120) days to complete discovery concerning class certification and motion for class certification is due by November 19, 2002.  Motion was filed by defendants’ for summary judgment and granted by the court.  Matter has been dismissed.

Tejung Kang v. Coldata, Inc., filed at CA No. 01-4115 WHA (N.D. of CA)

Clayton S. Morrow is co-counsel in an action is pending in United States District Court for the Northern District of California at C.A. No. 01-4115 WHA captioned Tejung Kang v. Coldata, Inc.  It is a class action against Coldata, Inc., for violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. A Default Judgment was entered against Defendants.The District Court refused to lift the Default Judgment against Coldata with respect to the claims of the representative Plaintiff.Matter was settled on a class wide bases and an order approving same was entered by the Court.

Aronson v. WorldCom, Inc. and Axin Corporation, filed at Case No. GD02-11946 (CCP Allegheny County, PA)

Ann M. Caldwell and Clayton S. Morrow are lead counsel. The action is for violation of the Telephone Communication Protection Act of 1991.  The matter was stayed as to WorldCom on account of its bankruptcy.

Brash v. SN Servicing Co. , filed at 03-0029 (W.D. of Pennsylvania)

Clayton S. Morrow is lead counsel.  The action was for violation of the Fair Debt and Collection Action against a debt collection for threatening wage attachment in Pennsylvania when not permissible.  Matter has been settled on class wide bases with payments to class members of $650.00 for those who received the collection letters and $250.00 to those who had been sent the letters, but did not receive.  Court granted final approval on September 3, 2003.

Muscante v. United Casualty & Surety Insurance Company, filed at case number GD04-008721 (CCP Allegheny County, PA

Ann M. Caldwell and Clayton S. Morrow are lead counsel. The action is for violation of the Telephone Communication Protection Act of 1991.  Defendant has filed preliminary objections and matter is scheduled for oral argument on August 30, 2004.  The matter was dismissed and settled as to Falco Muscante only on August 31, 2004.

If you want to have your case or claim handled by a well mannered, knowledgeable, very competent and respected attorney who cares about his clients, then call my office today at (412) 281-1250 and ask for Clay. If you prefer, send an email to Attorney Clay Morrow

Clay Morrow, Esq.

Clay handles the claims that are filed against debt collectors who make illegal threats or who place improper marks on your credit report.  Clay typically can make the debt collector pay your legal fees.

Greg Artim, Esq.

Greg defends consumers who have been sued by junk debt buyers, collection agencies or credit card companies. The odds of success in these cases are tilted strongly towards the consumer.

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